A portrait of my children once a week, for the whole year.

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12-52 (1)

Xavier: The ultimate cheese face…and how I love it!

Eva: Let’s just say…public displays of affection are not really your thing.

Oh, and hello!  This is us.  Our littles — Xavier, who loves puzzles, legos, computers and evidently his baby sister, and Eva, who likes…life.  No, she LOVES life.  She takes life by the horns and shakes every last inch out of it.  Hence the bags under my eyes.  And the hubs — Jason (who was so famously prominent in last weeks post).  Annnd…this is me — I like wine, sleep, and time to sew (in no particular order)…none of which I get enough of.  Oh and I make ridiculously good looking babies…probably something I should keep doing, donchathink?  I mean, they are so amazing (can you tell Eva has been doing a lot more sleeping of late…never mind the 5am wake up call…its amazing how human one feels on 5 hours of unbroken sleep!).  I just wanted to take a second to say Hi to my new traffic of late.  Please do leave a comment — I do go check out everyone’s blogs.  One of these days, I’m going to link up my fav’s like the cool bloggers do…

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So nothing profound this week but I have to say this:  You need to get out more.  Mum’s need to get out more.  In the words of my not so adventurous 3 and 1/2 year old “We need a a-Venchur!”

So this week, we took a rather safe adventure to the nearby village of Newrybar to visit their 102 year old bakery and deli, Harvest (I know,  I know…but when life is full of washing dishes, clothes, children…lather, rinse, repeat…a bakery is definitely an adventure with Eva in tow).  We specifically went to try their sourdough bread and croissants, baked in their 102 year old woodfire oven.  I am currently infatuated with sourdough and haven’t yet managed to kill my own starter (its been over eight weeks now!).  The bread was amazing.  I am now trying to convince Jason that I need a woodfire oven in the back yard.  Or that we maybe just need to move to Newrybar.  Also we need to do some major work on our vege garden (or lack thereof).  That’s my goal for this week.  And I need to learn to make croissants.  Not just any croissants.  Dark, German crossiants that have been soured and pack quite the punch.

When we lived in the States, Jason and I would go to the Downtown Sacramento markets under the freeway and there was a little German woman who sold the most amazing croissants in the whole world.  I hope she is still there because her croissants are one reason we want to go back and visit this year (they are that good).  So we have compared every croissant ever since to those and none have come close, granted we have not yet been to Paris.  BUT the croissants from Harvest…yum!  And nourishing to small bodies…did I mention how much I love sourdough?!